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Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

A few weekends ago, our little family made our annual day trip to a nearby family farm in search of the perfect pumpkin! I'll be honest, visiting the pumpkin patch is quite possibly one of my favorite fall activities. The animals, the sights, the smells... ah, it is all so glorious! It is always a… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

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Sunday STEM: Bubbling Cauldrons!

I have officially embarked upon a new mission: Sunday STEM days! Every Sunday, if we aren't too busy, I am challenging myself to do one STEM (or STEAM) related activity with the kiddos. My goal is to feed their insatiable curiosity, while completing a fun activity together as a family.  This week I decided to… Continue reading Sunday STEM: Bubbling Cauldrons!

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Fall Scavenger Hunt (with free printable!)

  We are huge fans of scavenger hunts in our little family! Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt?! I did this super fun activity with my little boy the other day and it was a huge hit! We are blessed with a quaint little wooded area behind our home, so we headed out into… Continue reading Fall Scavenger Hunt (with free printable!)


Morning Thoughts: The Las Vegas Tragedy

The headlines began pouring in on my newsfeed this morning. The death toll and number of injured rising with each refresh, most recently ending with “At Least 50 Dead, 400 Taken to Hospitals After a Mass Shooting in Las Vegas”. The deadliest mass shooting in US history, they announce. Suddenly, my chest feels tight and… Continue reading Morning Thoughts: The Las Vegas Tragedy


The “Why” Behind Margaritas & Motherhood

If I’m honest, this blog is something that I have attempted  to start more than once. Every time I decided to create a space for my thoughts to reside, I either became overwhelmed and backed out, or life happened and I just dropped it. Looking back, I never felt genuinely excited about the content that… Continue reading The “Why” Behind Margaritas & Motherhood


Finding Humor in the Chaos

  “High five, mom!” a tiny little voice squeaks from behind the laundry closet door. “Good job cleaning my poopy! You did good, mom!”. Awesome. I am apparently failing at potty training my now three year old daughter, but I excel at cleaning poop stains out of Sofia the First panties. At least I know… Continue reading Finding Humor in the Chaos

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Babywearing Benefits

  “A child may not know what direction he is going, but when he is attached to you, he doesn’t feel lost.” -Gordon Neufeld I snuggle my son’s tiny eight pound body against mine, secured by a black jersey fabric. I inhale, getting high off his scent of milk and baby lotion. He rests his… Continue reading Babywearing Benefits